Bee Partners

We love to showcase our portfolio companies -- this month... Tubemogul. As the first investor in TubeMogul, Bee Partners took a leadership role in helping Brett and the rest of the team define their strategy, connect with customers, and help with fundraising. Their vision for success and commitment to quality is unwavering. It's been fantastic to see their team and product mature, and develop into the outstanding company it is today.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we consider it a privilege to work alongside founders like Brett, and we are continually inspired by the possibilities their budding ventures create. We couldn't be more excited to see TubeMogul continue its growth in the years to come.

Bee Team Who We Are

Michael Berolzheimer

Managing Partner

Cynthia Maxey

Business Development

Garrett Goldberg


Based in San Francisco, we typically spend at least one day a week either on the Peninsula or in the East Bay, and we travel constantly.

The best way to start a dialogue is by emailing us a brief description of what you're up to. Please tell us the most pressing issue you're facing either as a founder or an aspiring entrepreneur. In your email, feel free to attach an executive summary, a dashboard (if you have it) and/or url.


Michael was the first investor in TubeMogul… in the early days he helped with our strategy, biz dev effors and fundraising. Where he stands out from other investors is his persona: He’s a consumate optimist and believer and inspires me every time we talk.

Brett Wilson, CEO TubeMogul